Home Remodel Tips January 15, 2019

Is It Time to Freshen Up Your Bedroom?

When buyers are touring a home, a stale bedroom with outdated style can be a deal-breaker. Is it time to freshen up your bedroom? It may be time to give your bedroom the “has it gone bad?” sniff test by checking for these common signs of stale design:

  • Popcorn ceilings? Popcorn ceilings date a room, they are difficult to repair, catch dust easily, and hard to clean. This Old House offers three popular options to remove your popcorn ceilings to give your room a modernized look. The options include scraping, covering with a new layer of drywall, or skim coating with plaster to create a new texture.
  • Mirrors everywhere? Mirrors can offer reflected light to make a bedroom look bigger, however, too many mirrors can create a fun house environment. Consider removing some of those reflective surfaces to freshen your look.
  • Frills? Excessive frills can scream “Outdated!” Check those bed skirts, window dressings, and curtains. Toning down the frills will bring your outdated look up to date.​
  • Outdated wall paper? Check the paper on your walls. Are they outdated patterns . . . it’s time for an update. HGTV offers options for breathtaking contemporary wallpaper design trends. However, getting rid of wallpaper can also create a clean fresh look. Don’t be afraid of the removal process, once again, HGTV provides tips for wall paper removal.
  • Really flat bed?  Puff it up and make it cozy. Clean lines are one thing, an un-comfy bedroom is another. Ballard designs presents multiple possibilities to arrange your pillows to ‘cozy up’ your bedroom.
  • Archaic alarm clocks, television, or stereos? Nix the flip-digit clocks, the wood grain television cabinets, and the over bearing boom boxes. Modernize or put them in storage to create an all-around fresh look.

Buyers can modernize a bedroom when they buy the house, however, expecting them to see past your bedroom’s outdated look is taking a gamble. Do a few simple things to freshen up that room to take it to the next level! If you need someone to evaluate your interior appeal, The Plane Team would be happy to share their thoughts and guide you towards maximizing your home’s appeal!

How The Plane Team Can Help

Dena Plane has served her clients and provided them with excellent service for over 15 years in residential real estate, both resale and new home sales.  She is licensed in both Arizona and California. With a passion for home building and interior design, Dena will help you get your home “show ready” and can easily guide and advise both buyers and sellers on the best practices for a successful outcome!

Dena and her husband Dave have teamed together to create The Plane Team. As your REALTOR’s, Dena and Dave will guide you through the buying and selling process and help you reach your real estate goals!