Home Remodel Tips April 15, 2019

Ideas to Free Up Your Kitchen Space

You probably don’t need a scientific study to tell you that the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a family home. It serves as a hub for food, a communal space for gathering, and often a message center for family traffic. Some consider it the “brain” of the home.

Many homes have kitchens which are small or overrun by clutter. The mess can be a major barrier to enjoying the space, and without some systems in place to keep it organized, many may feel that the kitchen can be rendered almost useless.

Did you know that the kitchen is the most expensive room in your home to renovate? An article by Master Remodelers states that in upscale kitchen remodels in Pittsburgh, homeowners spend around $128,000! That’s a lot of money. In my experience, most individuals don’t have that kind of cash laying around.

So, what’s the solution? Does opening up your kitchen require a total renovation? Not always. Fortunately, I have some kitchen hacks to open up your kitchen, without you having to do a total renovation, and without you having to spend thousands of dollars.

  • Hack #1: Hang it high. Long-handled pots, pans, and other utensils can be easily accessed with an appropriately-installed ceiling rack. Use your longest-handled pan as a guide and install a rack high enough above your head.
  • Hack #2: Play all the angles. Corners are often wasted space, consumed by knife blocks that are mostly wood beasts. You might install corner shelving, or even place a magnetic knife strip near a convenient corner.
  • Hack #3: Shelve it for later. Counters and cabinets don’t have to do all of the storage work. Nesting shelving in windows or even on surrounding back splashes and walls can be a great solution.
  • Hack #4: Save the sink space. Seldom are you using the sink while you’re prepping veggies, so why not get a large cutting board and lay it across the surface? This way, you turn a sink into a temporary counter.
  • Hack #5: See the studs. Open up a wall or two in your kitchen to access the recessed space between studs. Subdividing this space with shelves or hanging hooks can be a space saver. Properly finished, it doesn’t have to look like an eyesore!
  • Hack #6: Jar it up! Take a mason jar lit and screw it to the underside of an existing shelf or overhang. Now, put items in the mason jar and screw the jar into the lid. Bingo! New hanging storage.

Of course, if no amount of clever hacks will open up your kitchen, it may be time to upgrade. I can put together a list of local homes with killer kitchens for you. Contact us at (928) 830-6976.