Home Remodel Tips July 10, 2021

Tips to Utilize Each Square Foot of a Small Bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom that needs to be transformed to feel more spacious and comfortable? There are some simple tips and tricks to utilize each square foot. Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it has to feel small. Many small bathrooms can be transformed into larger-feeling spaces simply by making some adjustments to design choices.

These tips don’t require major renovations, instead, these minor upgrades will help you make the most of the space that you have:

  1. Add a pedestal sink. Better Homes & Gardens shares that a blocky cabinet under a sink may provide storage, but visually it consumes a chunk of open space. A pedestal sink maintains an open feeling.
  2. Life Storage offers a solution for your towel rack… use the space behind your door. Stylish towel bars stacked three high on the back of your door can eliminate the need for racks elsewhere in the bathroom and open up more wall space. 
  3. Elevate shelving above the toilet tank. If you have shelves elsewhere, but the space above your toilet tank is empty, consider relocating high shelving to above the “dead space” behind the toilet. Consolidating this used space into a single area can broaden out the rest of the bathroom.
  4. Utilize the space above your door. We are working to transform your small bathroom into a much larger-feeling space, but you still need storage… Life Storage also provides an idea for that additional storage. By adding a shelve above your door, you can store extra toilet paper, towels, or other products. With this storage being above eye level, it will still provide you with open spacious bathroom space. 
  5. Recess lighting. Even if you have only a few light sources in your bathroom, by hiding some of your lighting in recessed areas, you can reduce the “noise” of big fixtures.

According to the Family Handyman, there are also tips to help make a smaller bathroom appear bigger.

  • Use the same paint color for your walls and ceilings.
  • Avoid patterned wallpaper
  • Strategically place mirrors to reflect natural the light in the room.
  • Limit small accessories such as trinkets and knickknacks. 
  • Install crown molding on the ceiling to give the illusion of a raised ceiling
  • Opt for light, soft paint colors

Look on the bright side… at least a small bathroom means less to clean! I hope these tips help you open up your small bathroom into a larger feeling space. 

If these design tips aren’t enough to open up your small bathroom, and you are ready to make a move instead, I would love to help. Contact us today and together we can begin the search for your next home.