Home Protection September 14, 2022

Where to Find Water Leaks in Your Home

Nobody likes dealing with water leaks, but unfortunately, they’re common in homes across the country. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a major plumbing problem, leaks can cause a lot of damage and be costly to repair. So, where do you start looking for these pesky leaks? Keep reading to find out!

Identifying Common Water Leaks

Did you know it’s not uncommon for more than 20% of homes to have one unidentified water leak? Small leaks that go unidentified can significantly impact your water bill over time.  

Track Your Water Bill

Look back on your water bill history over the past months or even years, and look for spikes. Summer lawn and garden watering are seasonal reasons that may cause higher water use but look at your bill for any other unexpected increases in water usage. Something seemingly insignificant as a running toilet can become a significant contributor, especially if it’s running 24/7. If your water bill spikes, start hunting. 

Address The Leaks

  • Listen for the running toilet: Is your toilet constantly running? Check your guest bathroom. Flush the toilet and time how long it takes to stop. Does it take minutes? If yes, you may have a problem. Open the toilet tank and look at the water level. If the water level is more than 1-inch above the tube, the flapper isn’t getting a good seal, and a repair is in order. You can also test for slow leaks into the bowl by dropping some food coloring into the tank. Drop it in and wait 15 – 20 minutes without flushing. If the color appears in the bowl, you have an issue, and a repair is needed. 

If you’re still having difficulty identifying the issue, a YouTube Channel named ‘DIY on the House‘ offers multiple videos on identifying and fixing common toilet leaks. First, you can view their video ‘8 Common Toilet Leaks, How to Find Where Your Toilet is Leaking.’ 

  • Inspect shower heads: Replacing O-rings, soaking the showerhead in vinegar to remove minerals, or replacing the head completely can stop showerheads from spaying water in unintentional directions.
  • Inspect Faucets: Look at the source pipes of the faucets. Likely, you will discover the leak when the water is running. Therefore, after turning on the faucet, search for dampness in those darkened places. Plugging these leaks can also prevent mold buildup. 
  • Tune up your irrigation system: Irrigation systems can be the most subtle leaks. Busted sprinkler heads or constantly leaking supply lines boost your water bill. When the system runs, look for spraying valves and find ways to eliminate overspray onto concrete. A rain sensor is also a great way to ensure you’re not watering your lawn while it’s raining. 
  • Frozen Pipes: In the winter, water freezing in pipes causes the pipes to expand and burst. A simple way to prevent this is by removing and disconnecting all hoses from hose bibs. 

Need to get in touch with a plumber or handyman? An excellent source to find companies in your area for help is Angie’s List and Nextdoor

Like most people, you probably don’t check your water bill very closely. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to only review their water usage once a year – when they get their annual statement in the mail. However, if you have an unexpected spike in your water bill, it’s time to take a closer look at your home for water leaks. And even if your water bill is standard, it’s still a good idea to periodically check around your house for any telltale signs of a leaky faucet or running toilet. 

If you’re looking to sell your house and make a move, give me a call – I’d be happy to help you out. 928.830.6976

Buying a HomeHome Remodel Tips August 16, 2022

8 Must-Watch Zones for Fighting Mold in Your Home

Major Places You Need to Control Mold

For a healthy home, monitoring and eliminating mold is crucial. Unfortunately, mold in your home is sneaky and can creep up on you when you least expect it. Commonly, household mold develops because of water damage or a damp surface. Spores are known to stay dormant until they have the moisture and nutrients they need to bloom.


Below I have created a list of the top mold spots that are often missed in a house:


1. Damp basements or crawl spaces: Basements meet all the qualifications for a perfect growth area for mold: dark, proximity to the earth, and hidden from view. Be sure to create proper drainage and ventilation to discourage mold growth.


2. Shower stalls and bathtubs: Again, mold loves humid areas. When you shower, the warm moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. The bathroom is the most common hotspot for mold! Check toilet seals, wet walls, shower curtains, sinks, and ESPECIALLY the shower. To keep mold from penetrating the tiles, you need to ensure your caulking and grout are in good shape. 


3. Kitchens: Since kitchens are typically humid (think about all the cooking and dishwashing), they’re susceptible to mold growth. A slow leak can go undetected and be a breeding ground for mold. A leak under the sink, behind the fridge, or around the dishwasher can likely lead to a mold problem. Try to check these areas monthly.  


4. Refrigerators: The condensation that forms inside your fridge can create a breeding ground for mold.


5. Air conditioners: These units provide the perfect conditions for mold to grow – warm, moist, and often located in a dark place.


6. Houseplants: Believe it or not, houseplants can also be a source of mold. If they’re not getting enough light, mold can grow on the leaves and soil.


7. Carpeting: Mold can become active in carpeting because of flooding, moisture from concrete foundations, or even spills. The carpet that houses mold will need replacing. 


8. Windows: Condensation can build up on your windows as temperatures fluctuate, and spores hanging around can gradually take hold and bloom into a black, spotty mess. Mold is more common on shaded windows or windows that are often covered by curtains. 


The best way to locate mold is to search for leaking pipes and dry out wet areas in your home. To help prevent mold growth, look into an air purifying system, such as a “Quiet Cool Advanced Whole-Home Fan,” which exchanges the home’s indoor air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air in minutes. Learn more about Quite Cool Home Fans. 


If you suspect that there might be mold in your home, it’s essential to take action immediately. Call a professional mold removal company to come and assess the situation. They’ll be able to safely and effectively remove any mold that’s present. Mold can cause serious health problems, so it’s best not to take any chances.


Call The Plane Team 


I enjoy every aspect of helping individuals buy and sell homes, even if it is dealing with mold! If you have questions or are ready to make a move, contact me at (928) 830-6976.

Buying a Home July 11, 2022

The Truth About Price Per Square Foot

Understanding “Price Per Square Foot”

Price per square foot is a real estate concept that is easy to understand but equally easy to misuse. The formula is pretty simple: To determine the price per square foot, you divide the house’s sale price by the house’s square footage.

Price per square foot helps look at broad market comparisons, such as comparing one entire metro area to another or looking at an area’s average change over time.  It is not, however, accurate in figuring out the value of your home. 

Why? Unfortunately, the price per square foot fails to consider the most important factors when pricing a home.

First and foremost, it makes assumptions about the home’s amenities. We all know the quality of materials used in home construction and the condition of the home’s appliances and other features can dramatically impact a home’s value. A kitchen with Italian marble surfaces versus one with pressboard countertops will have different values. The price per square foot in a given neighborhood will blend these homes and produce an average.

Second, the price per square foot assumes locations are identical, but in almost any metro area, there are up-and-coming neighborhoods and neighborhoods in decline. The price per square foot near an abandoned industrial zone will vary considerably from one near a well-established downtown district with an excellent walkability score.

Third, even the simple calculation of price per square foot can vary depending on the items included. Which square footage is valid if one has a garage converted into an in-law suite and another home doesn’t? And what about the house or lot size? Sometimes above or below-grade lots can also influence the price per square foot.

If you are looking for a home that represents good value for your money, then the price per square foot can be a helpful metric. However, it is essential to remember that the price per square foot can vary widely depending on the location of the home, the size of the home, and other factors. As such, it should only be used as one piece of information when deciding which home to purchase.

Resources and Tools

Price per Square Foot helps compare homes, but when it comes time to set a value for your home, we have other tools to help you determine that number.

When valuing a home, we work hard to get an accurate value considering dozens and dozens of factors. If you would like an accurate estimation of your home’s value in its current condition and location, we would be happy to help. We have resources and tools that consider numerous variables to arrive at an accurate value. Get in touch today, and we will show you what goes into determining the optimal value for your home.

Dena Plane

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Selling a Home June 15, 2022

Staging Your Home for the Right Buyer

Staging for Buyers

Why is staging your home to sell a vital step to take? Much like cleaning up a home’s curb appeal to appeal to buyers, staging can position your house to sell faster and for a higher price than it might otherwise. By staging your home, you will present your home in the best light.

There are a couple of vital keys to remember when staging.  

First, decorate the home to appeal to the buyer, not to appeal to you. Look at your house from the viewpoint of a buyer. How might they see the home? Set aside your decorating and aesthetic preferences to create an inviting space geared toward wowing potential buyers. 

Secondly, stage for the proper generation of buyers. Is your house geared towards Baby Boomers, who are looking to downsize, or is your home geared towards the younger generation of Millennials looking to upgrade from their first house or buy for the first time. The younger generation of home buyers also may be more willing to buy a home that needs some upgrading or renovations. 

If you are marketing to the younger generation, work with a stager that knows the style of younger buyers. Don’t stage for yourself… stage for the generation buying your home

Staging Tips

Stage a house to allow buyers to imagine themselves living in it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Declutter: Rather than hiding clutter in a closet, box it up, and put it into storage. Clutter creates a smaller feeling house. Stagers also suggest having less furniture to make your house appeal to more buyers by making it look bigger. 
  • Lighting: Create a bright and warm environment with lighting. Utilize natural lighting by opening your blinds and updating light fixtures. A simple solution is increasing the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. 
  • Paint: A helpful tip from HGTV states that “to make a room appear to be bigger than it is, paint it the same color as the adjacent room. If you have a small kitchen and dining room, a seamless look will make both rooms feel like one big space.” Along with this, paint with fresh neutral colors. Bold colors can reduce offers. 
  • Odd Number of Accessories: Accessories can create a more inviting room. For a pleasing look, stick with odd numbers, three is a good amount. 
  • Make Every Space Functional: If you have an empty space at the end of a hallway or stairs, create a small reading nook or desk space. Make awkward spaces functional. 
  • Curb Appeal: Don’t forget the curb appeal because if you neglect the outside, then you won’t attract buyers to the inside. 
  • Finishing Touches: Add finishing touches of fresh flowers, folded towels, a bowl of fresh fruit, or fresh baked cookies!

I have extensive experience in staging and I work with my clients to ensure their home sells for the best possible price. I’d be happy to work with you to find a stager who can help make your home as appealing as possible. Contact me at: (928) 830-6976

Selling a Home May 10, 2022

Tips To Improve Your Home’s Value

Want to boost the value of your home but don’t have the budget for a significant renovation? Don’t worry; many home improvements can increase your home’s value that don’t require tons of money.

However, when making your home improvements, it is vital to ask yourself, “Will I recoup the money I invested when I sell the home?” The best renovations not only cover their costs, but they will boost your home’s value and provide you with an excellent return. Of course, the key is identifying home improvements that will deliver the most significant return for the least investment.

Here are renovation projects that are both easy and inexpensive ways to dial up your home’s appeal and value:

Paint the front door: You might not have the budget for a complete exterior paint job, and that is okay, but have you looked at your front door lately? It’s a focal point from the street, and if it’s looking weathered, updating it with a fresh coat of semi-gloss paint will improve its appearance and impact your curb appeal. If you have more room in your budget, consider replacing the door entirely.

Paint the foyer/entryway: Interior paint is a noticeable improvement, but you don’t have to make it an all-or-none proposition. Where do people enter your home? Like the front door, your point of entry is the first impression of the inside of your home. Refresh the point of entry of your home and make it look brand new.

Change light fixtures and switch plates: You probably don’t notice your light fixtures anymore, but buyers will. Swapping out the fixtures and modernizing the look go a long way. The same goes for switch plates; replace the old (and possibly dirty) with fresh new stylish ones.

Upgrade kitchen and bath fixtures: Do you need a new sink or a fresh faucet? It’s incredible how much a deluxe kitchen faucet upgrade can change perceptions of a kitchen. The same goes for the bathrooms: Faucets and even a new toilet can do wonders. Along with this, a detail that often gets overlooked is doorknobs. Replace old doorknobs on kitchen cabinets or anywhere around your home for a fresh and simple upgrade.

Garden upgrades: Fresh borders on your flower gardens, new flowers, and fresh mulch are small touches that refresh a home’s exterior. Remember that simple lawn maintenance can pay off in the end. According to the National Association of Realtors, it is believed that “the cost of maintaining your lawn is only about $330. In exchange, you can recover a value of 303% or $1,000 from this basic fix, according to the National Association of Realtors” (CheatSheet).

Clean Carpets: Having a professional clean your carpets is an inexpensive investment to update your home and make it feel cleaner quickly. It is often suggested not to replace wall-to-wall carpeting before selling your home, because homeowners like choosing their carpeting. Therefore, cleaning is the best option to create a clean feeling environment.

Do you want a second pair of eyes to advise you on your remodeling, big or small? I am happy to help you make a checklist to prepare your home for sale. Give the Plane Team a call today: (928) 830-6976

Selling a Home April 19, 2022

How Much Equity Do You Have in Your Home?

The dream of owning a home is about more than just having a stable place to live. It is also about building wealth and creating financial security for the future.  With careful planning and execution, owning a home can be a reality.

Owning a home can provide several advantages when it comes to wealth building. First, homeowners typically build equity in their homes as they make mortgage payments and the property’s value appreciates. In addition, owning a home can provide stability and security in retirement. Homeowners can use the equity in their home to supplement their income in retirement or even to pay off their mortgage, freeing up additional funds for other expenses.

The idea of home equity is pretty basic: You purchase a home and pay it down while hoping the home’s value increases over time. As you go, you build what’s called “equity.”

What is Equity

Definition of Equity is “the market value of a homeowner’s unencumbered interest in their real property—that is, the sum of the home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of all liens on the property.” If you were to sell your home and pay off the mortgage’s balance (and any other debts, such as home equity credit lines or liens), the cash you would have leftover is your equity.

As you’ve probably noted, your home equity position’s most significant variable is the home’s actual market value. Many factors can influence your home’s value, including the market demand for homes in your area, local amenities, schools, your home’s particular features, upgrades you’ve made, condition issues, and quite a bit more. So how can you tell your equity position?

First, you need to know what you owe on your home. Finding the amount owed is as simple as checking your mortgage statement to see your principal balance. This number can differ slightly from your actual payoff amount due to closing dates, interest, and other issues determined during the sale. Your principal balance is the number you need to know for this calculation. If you have any other debt on the home, you need to add the value of this debt to the principal balance (this might include credit lines, liens, or second mortgages.)

How To Get Home Value

Next, you need to know the value of your home. Zillow and Trulia sites use “automated valuation models” to give you an approximate home value. These models are generally not very accurate regarding your home’s value as they exclude many crucial factors. Often, they come in quite a bit higher. They can, however, give you an idea of general changing trends in your market over time.

Hiring an appraiser is one way to determine your home’s value from a more bank-like perspective. While an actual sale may be above the appraisal, this thorough, conservative option is an excellent way to go. The downside? You may have to pay up to $500 for the assessment.

Accuracy Counts

Knowing the correct value of your home is crucial when it comes to selling your home. Having a home priced correctly is one of the number one reasons homes sell fast. On the flip side, a too-high home price can cause the house to sit on the market too long. The right price is vital. Get in touch with me today if you want to get an accurate value of your home.

Dena and Dave Plane

Buying a Home March 16, 2022

Tips to Navigate Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers, New Normal

If you’re thinking of buying a home today, you already know that the number of homes available for sale is low. But what does that really mean for you? As a buyer, low housing supply coupled with high buyer demand means you need to be equipped to navigate a highly competitive market where homes sell fast and get multiple offers.

Multiple offers on homes for sale has become the new norm in today’s market. If you’re looking to buy a home, here are four tips to navigate the competitive market:

  1. Make sure you have your finances in order. In order to make a strong offer, you’ll need to be pre-approved for a mortgage and have your down payment ready.
  1. Know what you want and be prepared to compromise. Don’t waste time looking at homes that don’t fit your needs, but be ready to make compromises on some of your must-haves.
  1. Stay organized and keep track of all the offers you’re making. Being organized will help you keep track of where you stand in the competition and make sure you’re making your best offer.
  1. Be prepared to move fast. In a multiple offer situation, you’ll need to be ready to move quickly when you find a home you want to make an offer on.

Following these tips will help you navigate the competitive market and increase your chances of buying the home you want.

Doing everything you can to get ahead of the competition in a bidding war is a wise move. That’s because when you find a house and submit an offer, it’ll likely be up against strong offers from other buyers. According to the latest Realtors Confidence Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), homes today are receiving an average of 3.9 offers.

Here are three tips to keep in mind that will help you make the best offer possible.

  1. Knowing your budget and what you can afford is critical to your success as a homebuyer.
  2. When homes are selling fast, it’s essential to stay on top of the market and be ready to move quickly.
  3. Lean on your agent to write a strong offer and use their expertise on which levers you can pull to make your offer as enticing as possible.

An expert real estate advisor is vital to help you navigate bidding wars with multiple offers. Our team has worked numerous multiple offer situations, let us help you prepare when it comes time to make an offer.

Dena Plane

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The Prescott Area February 10, 2022

Things To Do With the Family in Prescott

One of my favorite things about being a realtor is becoming a resource of information for our clients. We often get asked, ‘What is there to do in Prescott?’. Luckily, the answer is that there are many things to do in Prescott, even for the kids.

There are valid reasons that Prescott, Arizona, is dubbed as “Everyone’s Hometown.” With Prescott’s perfect climate and four distinct but gentle seasons, everyone gets to have fun!

You can first start with Prescott’s charming downtown. Upscale shops and restaurants, art and antiques, and everything in between! Prescott has an old-fashioned town square with a historic courthouse, but what surrounds it is anything but old-fashioned.

Prescott is an excellent place for an active lifestyle. You can kayak at Watson Lake, hike, bike, ride horses or quad in the National Forest, or play at one of our many signature golf courses. Also, dogs love Prescott! Prescott is a very dog-friendly community, complete with a beautiful dog park.

But what about the kids? With the high retirement population, it is common for grandchildren to visit the area. You will be pleased to know that there is an abundance of options to do with your family and kids (or grandkids!) in Prescott. To give you a little help, we have put a list together that can help you plan your visit.

Gripstone: Prescott, AZ

  • Gripstone Prescott Arizona offers rock climbing, bouldering, yoga, a cafe, and a pro-shop. No previous climbing experience is necessary, and after a quick 30-minute video and hands-on tutorial, you will be ready to climb. Climbers under 14 years old must be accompanied by a participating adult over 18 years old. Children under 14 are welcome, and harnesses are available for tiny children. They have even had 2-year-old climbers!
  • Pricing starts at $16 for adults, and the pass lasts all day. It’s a full-body workout, it’s fun, and it’s great for all ages! You can leave for lunch and come back later for more climbing.

Jarz of Clay: Prescott, AZ

  • At Jarz of Clay, you pick a pottery piece from hundreds of different options. You then paint your selection, and then it will be glazed and fired. Within 4-5 days, you can then pick up your glazed pottery! Jarz of Clay is located at the Prescott Gateway Mall outside the village shops.
  • The studio fee includes the price of each item. The studio fee includes the paint, use of tools, and the glazing/firing process. Canvas and wood paintings are also available. This activity is perfect for all ages.

 Heritage Park Zoo: Prescott, AZ

  • Visit Prescott’s local zoo! Heritage Park Zoo is located on 10 acres and overlooks Willow Lake. Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary offers the Tarantula Grotto and Reptile House, with the Tarantula Grotto being one of the largest public displays of spiders in the country. While the Reptile House houses Gila monsters, iguanas, geckos, and even a 13-foot Burmese python.
  • The Heritage Park Zoo loves saving animals and giving them a home. Housed at the zoo is an American Black Bear that was orphaned, a gray fox found alone and half-drowned, and a mountain lion that was illegally kept as a pet in Arizona. Along with this, the zoo participates in the American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s Species Survival Plan by saving endangered species such as the Mexican Gray Wolf.
  • Heritage Park Zoo hosts special events throughout the year, including Zoofest, Eggstravaganza, Boo at the Zoo, moonlight events, and Zoo Camp for kids. The zoo is open every day of the year. You can view admission prices here.
  • Heritage Park Zoo Event Calendar

While these are only a few options, I hope this may give you a jump-start on what activities are available for entertainment in the Prescott Area! Below are some additional items that may interest you:

We enjoy spending family time in Prescott!  If you need more information on what Prescott has to offer, give us a call, and we can “Talk Prescott”!  The Plane Team (928) 830-6976

Homeownership January 10, 2022

What Effect Does High-Inflation Have on Housing?

The news is full of stories about how rising prices will affect your wallet. Naturally, if you’re thinking about purchasing a home this year, inflationary concerns like increasing consumer costs and supply chain “woes” make you wonder if you should wait to buy.  Investopedia explains that prices rise across the board during a period of high Inflation. Understandably, the cost of homes isn’t resistant to this increase, but read on to learn why Inflation shouldn’t stop you from buying a home in the future.

Homeownership Offers Stability and Security

Home prices have been increasing for the past several years, and market analysts say that they will continue to climb throughout the following year. As a buyer, it is important to protect yourself from the rising costs of food, shelter, entertainment, and other goods and services. The answer to hedge against Inflation lies in housing.

Buying a home and securing a fixed-rate mortgage allows you to lock in your monthly mortgage payment for years to come. That means, as other prices rise, your fixed-rate mortgage monthly payment will be consistent and locked. With the bulk of your payment locked, this gives you the peace of mind that most of your housing costs, the mortgage payment portion, are protected from Inflation.

James Royal, Senior Wealth Management Reporter at Bankrate, says:

A fixed-rate mortgage allows you to maintain the biggest portion of housing expenses at the same payment.  Sure, property taxes will rise and other expenses may creep up, but your monthly housing payment remains the same.”

If you rent, your payments are not locked in, and your rent will likely increase over time. Something to consider, today’s mortgage interest rates are lower than they have been in decades. While Inflation decreases the amount that your dollars can buy, low mortgage rates help balance the financial picture by boosting your purchasing power, enabling you to get more home for your money. Low-interest rates keep your monthly payments down.   

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this explanation of Inflation vs. Housing Costs was helpful. The best hedge against high Inflation is securing fixed housing. In the end, don’t let Inflation scare you from buying a home this year. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, I love to talk strategy and real estate!

About The Plane Team

Dena Plane has served her clients and provided them with excellent service for over 15 years in residential real estate, both resale and new home sales. As a resale agent, Dena has achieved Agent of the Month, Top Ten Agent of the Year, Multi-Million Dollar Club and International Diamond Society. As the sales manager for new homes, Dena personally sold over 300 homes and custom lots in the luxury golf communities of Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Dena is licensed in both Arizona and California and specializes in luxury properties with resort-style living. With a passion for home building and interior design, Dena will help you get your home “show ready” and can easily guide and advise both buyers and sellers on the best practices for a successful outcome!

Currently, Dena has teamed up with her husband Dave, as The Plane Team, helping agents increase their production and grow their business and serving buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions. As your REALTOR’s, Dena and Dave will guide you through the buying and selling process and help you reach your real estate goals! The Plane Team will provide you with the resources and tools for a successful and smooth transaction.

Prescott Valley November 10, 2021

Check Out the ViewPoint

About ViewPoint

The Viewpoint subdivision is located in the rolling grasslands of Prescott Valley, Arizona. This popular and affordable master-planned community has something for everyone. Residents enjoy stunning panoramic mountain views, including Granite Mountain, Mingus Mountain, and Glassford Hill, while close to shopping, schools, and entertainment. The Viewpoint offers homes ranging in size from 1200 to 2400 square feet and lots ranging from 8000 square feet to over 1/3 acre. With underground utilities, protective CC&R’s, paved streets, sidewalks, street lights, and large lots, The Viewpoint offers an ideal lifestyle without the hefty monthly HOA fees you might expect!

About Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley, Arizona, is a thriving town just a few minutes east of historic Prescott. Prescott Valley was the seventh fastest-growing place among all cities and towns in Arizona between 1990 and 2000 and currently has approximately 48,000 people calling it home. Located at 5,000 feet, many retirees live in Prescott Valley due to the relatively inexpensive housing and the mild climate. Prescott Valley has a large retail center, an indoor Event Center, and Yavapai Regional Medical Center Hospital. The mild climate, convenient location of 85 miles north of Phoenix, and surrounding lakes, fishing, and hiking trails make Prescott Valley attractive for families and retirees.

About the Plane Team 

Dena Plane has served her clients and provided them with excellent service for over 15 years in residential real estate, both resale and new home sales. As a resale agent, Dena has achieved Agent of the Month, Top Ten Agent of the Year, Multi-Million Dollar Club and International Diamond Society. As the sales manager for new homes, Dena personally sold over 300 homes and custom lots in the luxury golf communities of Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona.

Dena is licensed in both Arizona and California and specializes in luxury properties with resort-style living. With a passion for home building and interior design, Dena will help you get your home “show ready” and can easily guide and advise both buyers and sellers on the best practices for a successful outcome!

Currently, Dena has teamed up with her husband Dave as The Plane Team, helping agents increase their production, grow their business, and serve buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions. As your REALTOR’s, Dena and Dave will guide you through the buying and selling process and help you reach your real estate goals! The Plane Team will provide you with the resources and tools for a successful and smooth transaction.